Come and Go on Your Own Terms!

Aircraft Parking Rates

*Law Enforcement, Air Medical & Military parking waived.*

Single Piston Engine or Piston Helicopter
Landing/Day Parking 5.00 | Overnight Parking 10.00 | Monthly 80.00

Twin Piston Engine or Turbine Helicopter
Landing/Day Parking 25.00 | Overnight Parking 25.00 | Monthly 200.00

Turboprop Engine or Very Light Jet or Twin Turbine Helicopter
Landing/Day Parking 50.00 | Overnight Parking 50.00 | Monthly 600.00

Small Jet
Landing/Day Parking 75.00 | Overnight Parking 75.00 | Monthly 900.00

Medium Jet
Landing/Day Parking 90.00 | Overnight Parking 90.00 | Monthly 1080.00

Large Jet
Landing/Day Parking 100.00 | Overnight Parking 100.00 | Monthly 1200.00

Park your aircraft on one of our two open air parking ramps, accessible 24 hours a day! Whether it's for a quick turnover, a weekend in the desert, or for a monthly tie down, the ease of access of ramp parking allows you to come and go on your own time. For single engines, the preferred parking is our East Tie Downs just next to our T-Hangars. Larger planes are preferred on our West ramp.

Early/Late Operations: 100.00/Hr.
Monday-Sunday | Before 6:00 AM | After 8:00 PM
Banner Tow: 50.00 (for entire length of banner operations)

Auto Parking Rates

Open Auto Parking
12.00/Week (Prepaid) | 50.00/Month

Covered Auto Parking
20.00/Week (Prepaid) | 75.00/Month

For those looking for secure parking within the facility, we offer both open and covered auto parking spots! Located just inside our gates, you can come and go in the comfort of your own vehicle once you arrive. Covered Parking offers protection from the Summer sun and the occasional rain. You can also park in the free, public parking area just outside our  main gates.